Great advice for looking after your children’s teeth from our therapist, Caroline.

Extracting teeth out of children is definitely the most emotionally draining part of my job. Decay is simply caused by the bacteria in plaque turning dietary sugars into acid, which demineralises the tooth, eventually breaking it down to cause a cavity.

The MORE PLAQUE on your teeth and the more sugar you SNACK on then the more demineralisation and inevitably more CAVITIES you will get. It’s all about WHEN you have the sugar. Increased frequency then increase acid attack thus increased cavities.

I completely understand how difficult it is, especially with fussy eaters or those that refuse to brush their teeth but here’s a few little pointers to remember that I hope will help;

1. Take them to the Dentist for regular check ups. Detecting a cavity early is crucial.
2) Brush their teeth with them EVERY NIGHT just before BED – only water is safe to drink in the night after brushing
3) Brush before breakfast if you can as the fluoride in toothpastes protects against the acid
4) Don’t rinse the paste off after brushing, just get them to spit (same for adults). You’re getting rid of the goodness in the paste if you rinse.
5) limit SUGAR to mealtimes. Snacking on REFINED sugar will definitely cause decay
6) Have REFINED sugar as a TREAT after meals if possible and try and adopt a balanced diet.
7) drink WATER in between meals. Even non added sugar drinks still have sugar in even if it’s very diluted!

Sorry for such a long post but changing a couple of things in their routine could save their teeth. Please check out the link below, thanks for reading.

Childs tooth